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The basis of our Professional Policy is that Wedding Photo should be of the very best quality.
We feel we should capture all the precious moments so that our customers can bring those memories back home, and enjoy them forever.

In “Basic Digital Photo", the coverage is Unlimited until Sunset.
We pursue the quantity in order to have a variety of moments, but also a variety of good combinations. More importantly, we want to pursue the Best Quality shots. Customer is different, and everyday the light is different. 12 years of experience has taught us how to make the most use of every opportunity for quality images.
We are always happy to see our customers happy, and share these most important moments.
We have to be not only professional cameramen, but also understand that we can only get the best expression and outcome when our customers can totally relax and be comfortable with us.

Our shooting sequence starts with Make up in the Room, Ring, Bouquet, costume, accessory, Bride alone shots, Family, Fijian Warriors and Resort staff, Flower girls escorts, and then Bride and Groom arriving, Ceremony, Flower shower, Family & Group shots.
Then, Our main work, Resort Photo Tour follows. We try our best to get Romantic, Funny, Happy, Emotional, and Artistic shots. - We take time for this, as this is the most important quality work for the customers.
Cake cutting and Champagne toast are included unless those take place at Reception. Night Reception shots are separate charge.


We normally like to see clients a few hours before the wedding so that we know their specific requests, and decide on the shooting style. We combine both natural shots and some set up shots choosing the best angle and background, and we can alter the style and posing or natural approach depending on the customers' preference and taste.
Basically we feel the highest quality shots of Romantic, Artistic, Emotional, Tension and Release, Funny, Family and Friends, Symbolic and Candid can make our customers happy, and should be included for a lifetime memories.

All our customers are very happy with the result and its reasonable cost, and you will find Yoshi Kawai as the best wedding photographer in Fiji.

Download Wedding Photo Samples in PDF - PDF 1 [17MB]- PDF 2 [14MB]


Basic Digital Photo
The coverage is from room preparation, Ceremony, and Phototour. The number of photos are Unlimited, and it is in average 300 - 400 photos. All the photos taken plus 30 Black and White shots are delivered in DVD disc. Photos are Original High quality JPEG file, and all the photos are retouched. No copy rights protection is added to the Photo data, which means you can use for any personal use(such as prints and whatever digital application is possible.)



A) Photo Slideshow DVD 
Photo slideshow edited with Music and titles, approximate 10-12 minutes with more than 120 shots included. DVD playback. You can bring your own music CD if you wish.



B) Hard Cover PhotoBook
Superb Quality, printed in Japan, and you can choose from 30, 40 50 pages with two different size(A4 & A4S)This is a very popular product as it is suitable to keep Photos for Life time with good condition.
It takes 5 weeks to be delivered, and courier shipping cost from Japan is included.


C) 10 Best shots Web site Listing
We choose the best 10 shots and upload to the JUST MARRIED page as soon as we come back to the studio, normally by the following day, and the page will be available on line for at least 90 days. This is a perfect way to inform quick news to your family and friends.



Price & Delivery

Please inquire by email to

Since every location has different requirements, please provide your
1) Location 2) Date and time 3) the number of guests 4) special requests etc.
so that we can prepare your quotation.

We normally deliver the products free of charge to your hotel if your hotel is in Nadi area, or to Airport when you depart from Fiji. If you leave Fiji on the following day of wedding, shipping cost will be charged.

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